Event | Applications | BPM - Business Process Management

Processes are at the heart of every organisation. They may not be written, organised, or approved, but processes are there. And if they haven’t been properly defined and described, then it is...

Read MorePublished: 06/01/2020
Event | Applications | BPM - Business Process Management

Join Nintex for an interactive workshop to learn how you can manage, automate, and optimise your business processes, from the everyday to the most sophisticated ones. With our no-code process...

Read MorePublished: 06/01/2020
Event | Applications | Artificial Intelligence

In this workshop, you will learn about the key concepts related to advanced analytics and Big Data processing, and how to utilise Azure to implement a modern data warehouse architecture. The solution...

Read MorePublished: 06/01/2020
Event | Applications | Project Management

Oracle Construction Technology Summit 2020 | Melbourne

12 - 13 Feb 2020 - Melbourne, Australia

Oracle Construction Technology Summit is back in Melbourne for its fouth edition looking ahead at emerging technologies in the industry and also the growing number of available digital solutions.

Read MorePublished: 10/12/2019
Event | Applications | Artificial Intelligence

K2 Five Core Training | Melbourne | 17 - 19 Feb 2020

17 - 19 Feb 2020 - Melbourne, Australia

K2 Five Core Training provides the fundamental knowledge required to work with K2, and covers the core components, functionality and use of K2 Five. This course is the foundation for all subsequent...

Read MorePublished: 18/12/2019
Event | Security | Email

Mimecast Connect 2020 | Melbourne

18 Feb 2020 - Melbourne, Australia

Cyber threats are reaching beyond the traditional perimeter in our new cybersphere – making threat intelligence, app integration and new technologies essential for any organisation’s cyber resilience...

Read MorePublished: 12/12/2019
Event | Applications | BPM - Business Process Management

Jump Start Training | Melbourne | 18 Feb 2020

18 Feb 2020 - Melbourne, Australia

Time to ball-up your low-code development with a free, one-day training session. Get an overview of OutSystems and see how you can use the platform to plan, develop, change, deploy and manage...

Read MorePublished: 07/01/2020
Event | Applications | BI

Oracle Analytics Summit 2020 | Melbourne

19 Feb 2020 - Melbourne, Australia

This exclusive event features updates from customers, partners, and key Oracle Analytics leaders that will help you set your own vision of a data-driven future. You will get the latest news about the...

Read MorePublished: 10/12/2019
Event | Security | EUC Anti-virus

To support community development, we are holding a series of Cylance User Groups in conjunction with our Axiom Alliances partners. User groups are a great opportunity to network and share stories and...

Read MorePublished: 17/12/2019
Event | Networking | WAN

Cisco Live Melbourne 2020

3 - 6 Mar 2020 - Melbourne, Australia

Join Cisco in Melbourne to learn, explore, connect, and be inspired by Cisco’s top experts, partners, and customers.

Read MorePublished: 06/08/2019
Event | Applications | CRM and Sales Force Automation

Zendesk Training Days in Melbourne | 17 - 19 Mar 2020

17 - 19 Mar 2020 - Melbourne, Australia

These interactive training days are a chance to network, share your challenges and learn from other attendees. Get ready to take your customer support experience to the next level after completing...

Read MorePublished: 07/11/2019
Event | Applications | ERP

Sage Sessions 2020 | Melbourne

1 Apr 2020 - Melbourne, Australia

Register now for the free Sage Session events in 2020, focused on empowering accounting practices to thrive.

Read MorePublished: 08/01/2020
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