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CyberSecurity CxO Workshop | Ho Chi Minh City | 19 Feb 2020

The cyberthreat landscape is every-expanding today as revealed by the latest Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR) that was published in late March 2018. Just recently, a Frost & Sullivan study commissioned by Microsoft revealed that the potential economic loss across Asia Pacific due to cybersecurity incidents can hit a staggering US$1.745 trillion, more than 7% of the region’s total GDP of US$24.3 trillion[1].

Join Microsoft CyberSecurity Expert to discuss about:

Key Cyber threats and Gaps in organization’s cybersecurity strategies
The true cost of CyberSecurity incidents
New Cybersecurity Defense and Recommendations for securing a modern enterprise in a Digital Era

Let’s together discover your security needs based on your priorities, concern and current investment area. During this workshop, our experts will also scope the solution to fit your needs and the IT environment you are administering now.

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