Posted Date:16/05/2018

    O'Reilly eBook: Designing and Building a Hybrid Cloud

    Consider this O’Reilly book your instruction manual. In it, you’ll learn a three-step approach to help you build a more functional, mature hybrid cloud environment, while also providing a higher level...

    Posted Date:09/05/2018

    Hyperconverged Infrastructure: How to Pick the Right Technology to...

    The healthcare industry continues to undergo rapid changes, putting increasing pressure on healthcare executives to embrace innovative and agile methodologies in order to improve the quality of...

    Whitepaper|Data Centre
    Posted Date:14/03/2018

    Had Enough of Old-School Virtualization?

    If you're an IT pro, you know the woes of traditional virtualisation: complexity, lock-in, scalability issues, and—of course—cost of virtualisation software.

    Time to let the world know you’re...

    Posted Date:06/03/2018

    The Definitive Guide to Private Clouds

    Cloud services are disrupting the status quo for enterprise IT. Organizations like yours are in the midst of a digital transformation, seeking to engage with customers and satisfy their needs through...

    Posted Date:06/03/2018

    Achieving Operational Efficiencies for Healthcare Organizations

    Jan 2018

    Healthcare organizations are working hard to meet constituent demands for better IT services and efficiency. With huge investments in their 3-tier systems and other aging infrastructure, they are now...

    Posted Date:06/03/2018

    Top 20 Enterprise Cloud Questions Answered

    Public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, the fog of cloud technology—and terminology—what actually is Enterprise Cloud?

    This eBook will take you through the cloud questions we...

    Posted Date:06/03/2018

    Are You Still Paying for Virtualization?

    Oct 2017

    Virtualization has become such a foundational technology for IT managers that the purchasing, licensing and managing of hypervisor software is considered a business necessity. But is it really? As...

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