Posted Date:19/09/2018

    The Top Storage Considerations for Unstructured Data

    Humans and machines are both generating copious amounts of data every second that could fill up a good portion of the dark matter in the universe. Most of the data being produced falls into 2 camps:...

    Posted Date:11/09/2018

    The Definitive Guide to: Microsoft SQL Server Deployment on Nutanix...

    Running Microsoft SQL Server in a traditional IT environment has been workable, though not without challenges, for some time. But are you tired of battling siloes, inefficiencies, availability and...

    Whitepaper|Data Centre
    Posted Date:11/09/2018

    6 Benefits of a Modern Secure Digital Workplace

    Virtual application and desktop deployments provide powerful benefits to organizations, but the drawbacks of legacy infrastructure have made it more difficult to deploy, manage, and scale. To overcome...

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