Posted on Sept 14, 2016

Customers and clients have always been and will always be among the top business priorities. In most decision-making scenarios, especially when it comes to services and products being offered, customers are crucially kept in mind before concretizing the next move towards innovation. Embracing this reality, it is no wonder that most businesses are consistently advancing their contact centre solution and strategy.

In a recent article titled New Age, New Requirements, More Innovation: 3 Ways to Keep Up, author and Avaya’s Vice President and Chief Technologist Jean Turgeon recounts the decades-long evolution of technology and takes a deeper look at the innovation of business tools, especially in the area of measuring customer satisfaction, ensuring optimum customer experience, and customer engagement as a whole.

In addition, Turgeon reveals that 72% of businesses are planning to transform call centers into new contact centres. The Avaya executive also sheds light on better mastering new customer relationship (CX) demands and states that for a company to have an effective CX strategy, they must be eager to embrace change.

Read more from Avaya and be in-the-know on how customer relationship management calls the shots in innovating business and the digital transformation.

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