We believe business planning can be seamless across your organization. We are passionate about bringing all planners together to plan in the planning model & process for higher efficiency.

About Jedox

Jedox makes Enterprise Performance Management seamless ā€“ in every business, on every device, wherever the data resides.

We are passionate about bringing business functions together to plan in real-time with common data. We believe business planning can be seamless across organizations.

Jedox empowers decision makers and business users across all departments to work smarter, streamline business collaboration, and make insight-based decisions with confidence. Over 2,500 organisations in 140 countries use Jedox to simplify planning with one unified platform.

From executives, to end users, to analysts: Jedox empowers business professionals to capture data, share knowledge, and align on common goals across the organization. Organizations can streamline any data-driven process ā€“ from strategic planning to complex predictive analytical models or operational performance monitoring. At the same time, Jedox is designed to be easy, with industry-leading fast implementation times. The secret is that Jedox is so flexible. In Excel, on the web, on mobile devices and in the cloud. This is why our customers consistently give us top marks in leading user surveys by BARC, Howard Dresner and more.


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