One Commercial Partner Briefing - Adelaide

    06 Sept 2017 - Adelaide, Australia

    During this 2 ½ hour session, you will learn what this means for you Microsoft's Partners, they will provide an overview of Australia’s FY18 sales strategy and the One Commercial Partner structure....


    Citrix Synergy Direct ANZ Adelaide

    13 Sept 2017 - Adelaide, Australia

    Citrix will share the vision, key insights, and technology updates from Synergy ‘17 that will show you how to realize the full benefits of cloud while avoiding complexity and security challenges. IT...


    Citrix Xperts: Synergy Edition Adelaide

    24 Aug 2017 - Adelaide, Australia

    Citrix Synergy is the flagship event for the latest product innovations and roadmap from Citrix. Headlining this event was the announcement of a new service, the Citrix Workspace, which delivers a...


    Small Business Trailblazer Breakfast Adelaide

    24 Aug 2017 - Adelaide, Australia

    Join Salesforce at the Small Business Trailblazer Breakfast Adelaide where you’ll learn how Trailblazers at growing businesses are using technology to find the right customers, win more deals, keep...


    K2 Core and Smartforms Training - Adelaide

    16 Oct 2017 - Adelaide, Australia

    The K2 Core and K2 smartforms training is an instructor-led or self-study training course designed to give participants the skills and knowledge to create process-driven applications with K2...


    Ultimate Test Drive - Adelaide

    06 Sept 2017 - Adelaide, Australia

    In this free half-day technical workshop you will learn how to defeat the adversary at the endpoint.

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