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Axway Imagine Summit APAC 2019 | Brisbane

20 May 2019 - Brisbane, Australia

Join this informative session to hear insights and valuable strategies for exceeding enterprise and customer expectations.

Read MorePublished: 10/04/2019
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Time to ball-up your low-code development with a free, one-day training session. Get an overview of OutSystems and see how you can use the platform to plan, develop, change, deploy and manage...

Read MorePublished: 06/05/2019
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Afternoon in Brisbane with Pega

22 May 2019 - Brisbane, Australia

The idea is simple; gather industry professionals, particularly Queensland Government and the Financial Sector, with an interest in understanding effective ways of solving increasingly complex...

Read MorePublished: 26/04/2019
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ServiceNow Workshop Event Series 2019 | Brisbane

28 May 2019 - Brisbane, Australia

ServiceNow invites you to attend a complimentary one-day "hands-on" training workshop where you will gain first-hand experience from our ServiceNow experts on the solutions we provide to make work,...

Read MorePublished: 14/05/2019
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MWP Optimise Teamwork | Brisbane | 4 Jun 2019

4 Jun 2019 - Brisbane, Australia

Make teamwork more productive The cloud is changing expectations and transforming the way we work—including how we meet and collaborate. Help your organization optimize its teamwork, meetings, and...

Read MorePublished: 13/05/2019
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Zero to Snowflake in 90 Minutes | Brisbane

4 Jul 2019 - Brisbane, Australia

Join Snowflake and Servian for a hands-on workshop on July 4th in Brisbane! Learn how to build a cloud data warehouse and experience how the only cloud-built data warehouse instantly and...

Read MorePublished: 24/04/2019
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