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Datto Roadshow 2019 | Brisbane | 23 Jul 2019

23 Jul 2019 - Brisbane, Australia

Join Datto for this special round of July Roadshows to learn about the new and exciting developments released at DattoCon San Diego. Datto is on the road again to showcase all of the new shiny tools...

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Tableau Software

Tableau Test Drive | Brisbane | 23 Jul 2019

23 Jul 2019 - Brisbane, Australia

Join Tableau on their Test Drive session and they'll show you how to connect to your data and visualize your queries without writing a single line of code. You'll learn how to create a dashboard from...

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Webroot Software

Global Cyber Security Roadshow 2019 | Brisbane

1 Aug 2019 - Brisbane, Australia

In the current threat landscape, MSPs are faced with serious security issues to solve for their SMB clients-but without the proper enablement, the promise of building an enduring security line of...

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Cyber-threats and how to handle them | Brisbane

2 Aug 2019 - Brisbane, Australia

There was a time when cyber-security was strictly the concern of someone in the IT department with little thought from the board and C-something-O's. Times have changed, and with most companies...

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FireEye Cyber Security Roadshow 2019 | Brisbane

6 Aug 2019 - Brisbane, Australia

This is an exclusive invite-only event to cyber security professionals to join us for a half-day session conducted by FireEye.

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Mulesoft Summit 2019 | Brisbane

6 Aug 2019 - Brisbane, Australia

Join Mulesoft for this half day event which will provide you with an opportunity to engage in interactive discussions with your peers around Digital Transformation and learn more about how API-led...

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Break a Hacker’s Heart Tour 2019 | Brisbane

12 Aug 2019 - Brisbane, Australia

Learn how to ruin a hacker’s day by leveraging the power of deep learning and more to fight the most dangerous threats aimed at your network. Plus, Sophos will arm you with the latest cybersecurity...

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Don’t let your valuable data go stale. Join Oracle for the Experience Autonomous Workshop for first-hand experience on how to best use your data and analytics to make data-driven decisions, delight...

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Join BizData and Snowflake for an in-depth discovery session into sourcing insight with Snowflake on Azure.

Exploring 3 pillars that orchestrate the creation of a modern data analytics...

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Salesforce Basecamp 2019 | Brisbane

21 Aug 2019 - Brisbane, Australia

Join the Basecamp Brisbane for a day of networking, inspiration, learning and fun and hear from Trailblazers who are transforming their businesses with Salesforce. Customer speakers will reveal their...

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Join K2 for this 90-minute workshop to experience the future of work in action. Learn about the opportunities and challenges of selecting, implementing and deploying both digital and robotic process...

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Dell Technologies Forum 2019 | Brisbane

12 Nov 2019 - Brisbane, Australia

Discover how Dell Technologies can help you reshape the future at this free, one-day event. See, touch, and discover the latest products, solutions and strategies that enable real transformation from...

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