Get IAM Right Breakfast Event

    31 Aug 2017 - Canberra, Australia

    Join Quest at their breakfast event to learn how to review and provide employees with the appropriate level of access – and nothing more – anywhere, anytime, resolve password resets faster (and reduce...


    The FIN10 Business Model: What this threat group does and why they are...

    13 Sept 2017 - Canberra, Australia

    Join FireEye for Techworking in August and September where they’ll delve into FIN10 activities and targets, FIN10 tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) and methods of operation and lessons learned...


    Citrix Xperts: Synergy Edition Canberra

    29 Aug 2017 - Canberra, Australia

    Citrix Synergy is the flagship event for the latest product innovations and roadmap from Citrix. Headlining this event was the announcement of a new service, the Citrix Workspace, which delivers a...


    Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure

    28 Aug - 01 Sept 2017 - Canberra, Australia

    This training provides an in-depth examination of Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services (IaaS); covering Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks starting from introductory concepts through advanced...


    MuleSoft Forum Canberra

    24 Aug 2017 - Canberra, Australia

    Modern API's are the key to delivering digital services to citizens faster. Join the MuleSoft's Government Forum in Canberra to discuss how other agencies across the globe are using connectivity and...

    Event|End-user Computing

    AWS Summit 2017 - Canberra

    29-30 Aug 2017 - Canberra, Australia

    These events, held around the world, are designed to educate new customers about the AWS platform and offer existing customers deep technical content to be more successful with AWS.

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