Arista Cloud Builders, China

    16 Jun 2017 - Shanghai, China

    These one-day events will cover a range of technical topics and provide practical demonstrations of innovative EOS features.

    Event|Data Centre

    SplunkLive! - Hong Kong

    10 May 2017 - Hong Kong, China

    Each SplunkLive! event features a keynote presentation and several technical sessions where Splunk employees, customers and partners showcase the latest versions of Splunk software, apps and use...


    Huawei Connect 2017

    05 - 07 Sept 2017 - Shanghai, China

    HUAWEI CONNECT is Huawei's global annual flagship event that targets the entire ICT industry.

    Event|Data Centre

    MicroStrategy Symposium - Beijing

    9 May 2017 - Beijing, China

    MicroStrategy Symposia are one-day events that are packed with the latest insights on big data, mobile app development, dashboard design, and security.


    CLOUDSEC China 2017

    7 Jul 2017 - China

    CLOUDSEC Online is an interactive virtual knowledge hub that showcases an experiential series of virtual events, webinars, and online activities brought to you by industry leaders and security...


    Innovation Day, Beijing

    08 Jun 2017 - Beijing, China

    Software AG brings you the “ ideas network". A place for business and technology executives seeking inspiration to network with recognized partner companies and respected experts from around the...


    Interchange 17 - Shanghai

    14 Jul 2017 - Shanghai, China

    As soon as the Interchange 2017 flagship event in Las Vegas ends, our global tour kicks off, bringing the best of the conference in a streamlined format to each of these cities.

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