Oracle at Java Meetup

    28 Jun 2017 - Manila, Philippines

    Oracle wants to bring people to meet each other, exchange ideas, discuss issues, be updated to the latest technology, and form a strong community that would encourage helping one another. These...


    Automated Test Summit Manila

    14 Jul 2017 - Manila, Philippines

    Learn how NI’s platform approach can prepare you for the test implications of these emerging technologies and how you can reduce your characterization and final manufacturing test costs and time to...

    Event|Data Centre

    VMware Evolve 2017 - Manila

    17 Aug 2017 - Manila, Philippines

    VMware Evolve 2017 takes a deep dive into the Modernized Data Center to show how this strategic IT step can make your business more innovative, agile, secure and competitive.


    FIS Connect 2017: Imagining Possibilities - Manila

    13 Jul 2017 - Manila, Philippines

    FIS Connect regional events are structured to bring the strength of FIS to you. These programs are a perfect blend of education and networking opportunities in an ideal forum to mingle with your...

    Event|Backup / DR

    VeeamON Tour - Manila

    13 Jul 2017 - Manila, Philippines

    VeeamON Tour is a series of multi-city events, bringing IT experts and professionals together in a city near you to learn how to ensure Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™. The event will be...

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