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Oracle's powerful combination of technology and best-in-class industry solutions address complex business needs and processes across industries, enabling you to speed time to market, reduce costs, and...

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ORACLE’s SIEBEL CRM GRAND TOUR continues into 2019. The Siebel CRM team is focused on customer success and CRM innovation. The agenda is designed to provide the right information to help our valued...

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Trend Micro

CLOUDSEC India 2019

10 Oct 2019 - Mumbai, India

CLOUDSEC India is back as the leading cyber and cloud security event in Mumbai with this year's theme - 'PICTURE THIS! See. Secure. Go Further. Prepare to be inspired by the latest industry insights,...

Read MorePublished: 16/08/2019
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Oracle Modern Cloud Day 2019 | Mumbai

11 Oct 2019 - Mumbai, India

At the Oracle Modern Cloud Day hundreds of IT leaders and professionals will converge, meet, immerse in their areas of expertise, and help to define the future of their cloud and digital worlds. Are...

Read MorePublished: 29/08/2019
Event | Backup / DR
Veritas Technologies

The Veritas Vision Solution days are a series of more personalized forums where attendees can engage with Veritas experts and learn more about the Enterprise Data Services Platform which offers...

Read MorePublished: 23/08/2019
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Qlik Data Revolution Tour 2019 | Mumbai

5 Nov 2019 - Mumbai, India

In a world increasingly dependent on data and empowering people to interact with it, many companies are still struggling to drive full value from the investments they have made. Join this event to...

Read MorePublished: 19/08/2019
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