Event|Unified Comms

    Oracle Communications Day, Mumbai, India

    02 Nov 2017 - Mumbai, India

    This informative and compelling event will be focusing on sharing and discussing some of the most important technological advances in telecommunications today and the opportunities that these...


    Mumbai - Welcome Back to the Ohana!

    26 Oct 2017 - Mumbai, India

    Learn about Salesforce best practices, resources you can use and all the assets available to ensure you are extracting the maximum value from your Salesforce investment! Drive adoption for your users...


    Fast Track to Cloud with Open Source Solutions from Oracle Mumbai

    27 Oct 2017 - Mumbai, India

    Join Oracle for the Fast Track to Cloud Session to learn how you can begin your cloud journey today with open source solutions. Understand best practices and view a live demo on how you can achieve...

    Event|Data Centre

    Data Disruption Summit 2017 Mumbai

    01 Dec 2017 - Mumbai, India

    Join Informatica for the 2017 Informatica Data Disruption Summit as they explore the disruptive power of data. As consumers of information in today’s digital world, we expect the best service and...

    Event|Data Centre

    Visualize Your World Data Analytics 2017 Tour Mumbai

    26 Oct 2017 - Mumbai, India

    It’s your data, your analytics, and your opportunity to take your learning to the next level. Welcome to the Visualize Your World Data Analytics 2017 Tour where innovation comes together with the...

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