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Adobe Innovation Session 2019 | Philippines

21 Mar 2019 - Manila, Philippines

Attend the Innovation Session and walk away with the information you need to empower your team with the cutting-edge features of a unified digital platform – one that helps your team create and manage...

Read MorePublished: 05/03/2019
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Future Now Conference 2019 | Manila

21 Mar 2019 - Manila, Philippines

As enterprises undergo digital transformation, many are focused on not just the what but the how. At FUTURE NOW, we explore how business leaders and developers can leverage AI to address the rapidly...

Read MorePublished: 27/02/2019
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Micro Focus

Micro Focus Realize 2019 | Manila

21 Mar 2019 - Manila, Philippines

Following the success of their first MForum 2018 held last year in Southeast Asia, Micro Focus is pleased to announce the refresh brand Realize 2019.

Micro Focus Realize 2019 will gather over...

Read MorePublished: 26/02/2019
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Palo Alto Networks

Organisations across the ASEAN region are harnessing technology-led innovation to meet customer needs. Top of mind for many organisations is how they can capitalise on this innovation while...

Read MorePublished: 12/03/2019
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Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks NOW World Tour 2019 | Manila

12 Apr 2019 - Manila, Philippines

The Extreme Networks NOW World Tour is designed for IT business decision makers, hands-on practitioners, and Extreme partners. NOW provides access to the thought leaders, strategic insights, and...

Read MorePublished: 19/03/2019
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SAP Asian Innovators Summit 2019 | Philippines

12 Apr 2019 - Manila, Philippines

Asian Innovators Summit (AIS) is the premier platform for family conglomerates, the public sector, and various industry players to network and gain valuable insights on how the latest technology and...

Read MorePublished: 15/03/2019
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