Posted on Jan 16, 2016

Avaya Technology Forum 2016, currently in its third year in Asia Pacific, offers a unique learning environment that strips away the hype and dives into the real challenges facing today’s IT leaders by providing informative presentations, live demonstrations and solid recommendations for enterprise technology planning.

Happening in Millennium Hilton Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand on 24-26 Feb. 2016, the customer guest speaker in this year’s Avaya IT event is from IDC. On the first plenary session of Avaya Technology Forum 2016—an annual Avaya IT event that presents the various trends in Unified Communications, Networking Solutions, Business Process Automation, Virtualisation, Internet of Things or IoT, Customer Engagement Solutions, Analytics, and Engagement Development Platform—IDC shall be leading a solution use case on Digital Transformation Leadership Framework and its Imperatives.

This year’s three-day forum centers on the evolution to a digital enterprise. The Avaya Technology Forum 2016 is beefed up with numerous plenary sessions and breakout sessions where the participants may discuss with their fellow information technology leaders, architects, engineers, managers, and industry consultants on various IT related topics.

In ensuring a productive and insightful breakout sessions are the sets of customer use cases, sharing of customer testimonials, and the knowledge-enriching technology deep dives.

Each of the deep dive will focus on cutting-edge technologies that have changed the workplace environment for the better in terms of unifying communications and collaborations, networking solutions, virtualisation, and automating business processes among many others.

Particularly, the deep dives which will happen on the first series of breakout sessions on 25 Feb. 2016 will include topics such as Unified Communications, Multicast Design and Deployment, Data Center Network Design and Deployment, Business Process Automation, the Avaya Engagement Development Platform, Virtualisation Solutions, accelerating the adoption of communications-enabled applications, and building engagement development platform apps.

The breakout sessions happening on 26 Feb. 2016, on the other hand, will include topics on Optimizing Performance with Avaya Reporting and Analytics, Campus Network Design and Deployment, Next Generation WLAN and the future of the Mobile Enterprise Access, Customer Engagement Solutions, more deep dive on Avaya Networking Products, Automating Safety and Communications, automating the Internet of Things in healthcare, and many more.

Avaya Tech

Who Should Attend and Why?

The primed annual Avaya IT event is geared for leaders, architects, engineers, and managers who are responsible for an enterprise’s key departments such as in network and infrastructure technology; mobility and unified communications and collaborations technology; customer engagement and contact center; business partner technical and solution; and industry consultants.

In consideration of these participants’ vital roles and responsibilities in their respective companies, the event organizers have prepared a form which they may use to show their managers and convince them why they should attend this year’s Avaya Technology Forum. The form is downloadable from Avaya’s event website. Further details on the Avaya Technology Forum 2016 such as directions to the hotel, updates on the speakers, and the highlights in last year’s Avaya Technology Forum are also elaborated in the event website.

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To learn more about Avaya, their solutions, products, and services, visit their website at

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