Posted on Dec 14, 2016

Enterprise Mobility is further allowing organizations and companies to stay productive anytime and anywhere. However, an enterprise with teams and members that are always on the go and are always connected also mean greater exposure to cyber security threats and higher data security risks.

That is why Dell Data Security Solutions has come up with an enhanced endpoint data security and a boosted management portfolio. This management portfolio, aimed at making enterprise mobility secure, efficient, and productive, includes Mozy, a cloud backup service by Dell; RSA, an intelligence-driven security solutions; and VMware AirWatch, an enterprise mobility management platform.

This new management portfolio also provides “optimal combination of proven security capabilities from one vendor and unlocks workforce speed and agility while increasing IT productivity,” a press release from Dell revealed.

In addition, this new portfolio is hinged on four pillars, namely Data Protection, Identity Assurance, Threat Detection and Response, and Unified Endpoint Management.

This unveiling of new data security and management portfolio is Dell's response to customers' pressing need. "Customers have told us they want to consolidate vendors to ease the manageability burden while enhancing their security. That is what we are doing for them," said Jeff Clarke, vice chairman, Operations, and president, Dell Client Solutions Group.

Further details on Dell Data Security and the new management portfolio are found in this press release from Dell. For more updates from Dell and Dell Software delivered straight to your mailbox, register to ITUpdate today.

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