Interactive Intelligence, a global leader of cloud services for customer engagement, communications and collaboration, is holding a three-day event on the 13th to 15th of September 2016 in Sheraton Mirage, Gold Coast, Australia.

Interactive Intelligence gathers information technology professionals and leaders in this conference, titled “Interactions APAC 2016: Reimagine”, which focuses on how to further maximise the innovations in customer relationship management (CRM) solutions and inspires attendees to join the bandwagon of industry-leaders who are keeping pace with the disruptions in IT.

Interactions APAC 2016 presents 12 esteemed keynote speakers which include Interactive Intelligence’ executives who will share high-level overview of the communications industry. Among the speakers are Mark C. Thompson, a world-renowned authority and top speaker on Leadership, Driving Change & Innovation, and Sales Growth through Customer and Employee Engagement; Donald E. Brown, M.D., chairman of the board, founder and chief executive officer of Interactive Intelligence; Matt Watkinson, an internationally renowned author of the CMI’s Management Book of the Year The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences, and speaker and consultant on customer experience.

Interactive Intelligence prides itself that this event is more than just being an exposition, it is a Hall of Inspiration. Apart from becoming updated on the disruptions in the customer engagement landscape, the Interactions APAC 2016 event ensures that the roadmap which gives a whole new definition to innovation will help to effectively allocate capital, spot trends, and lead from strength rather than reacting to change.

Other talk points will include insights on the impact of the cloud to the latest in customer engagement across the human resources, enterprise resource planning, and CRM disciplines.

On top of the talk sessions and giving the participants the opportunity to strengthen their pool of connections, this Hall of Inspiration also encourages the participants to unwind and reinvigorate through paid activities like True Blue Fishing and Lakelands Golf Club.

Full details on the agenda and online registration may be viewed in the Interactions APAC 2016 event page.

To find more info and assets on this vendor, go to ITUpdate and browse through the Interactive Intelligence page.

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