Posted on Oct 28, 2015

The fast-paced innovations and developments in the world of information technology also means that viruses, malwares, spywares, and a myriad of IT Security threats are ever evolving. This is why ITUpdate’s IT Events is inviting you to secure your slots in these gatherings where policies, techniques, and the latest security software shall be discussed and explained by notable cyber security experts.

10 Things on Cybersecurity and Security Leaders’ Roundtable

Palo Alto Networks believes that protecting your organisation from cyberthreats can be a challenging task, but choosing the right solution doesn’t have to be. That is why they are gathering IT managers, decision-makers, and every professional who put high importance in their cybersecurity measures to attend the discussion on the “10 Things Your Cybersecurity Solution Must Do.”

This event features Palo Alto Networks’ very own systems engineers, Mauricio Sabena and Scott Pleitner, who shall discuss how a cybersecurity solution can effectively keep an enterprise safe from attacks and data losses.

This IT Event will happen in the following cities:

• Perth, Australia on 5 Nov. 2015
• Sydney, Australia on 10 Nov. 2015

Palo Alto Networks will also gather around security leaders in their Security Leaders Roundtable, happening on 20 Nov. 2015 in Sydney, Australia. In this roundtable event, Palo Alto Networks takes former FBI Cyber Special Agent Andre Mcgregor and their very own Regional Chief Security Officer Sean Duca join PwC’s Partner, Cyber, Andrew Gordon for an informed conversation over breakfast about what serious corporate enterprises are really doing to protect themselves from cyber threats.


Oracle’s Security Forum

Oracle emphasizes on the imperative for the board and senior management to adopt strategies that best suit the business. These strategies include ensuring that risk security threats are correctly managed to protect revenue, guarantee customer loyalty, protect brand value, and quarantine the company from legal challenges and large fines for non-compliance.

In their Security Forum titled “Securing Your Business from the Inside and Out”—with speaker Stuart Mort, Vice President, Information Security JAPAC, EMEA, LAD, at Oracle—they will discuss strategies which organisations should adopt so they can act to protect the business before the worst happens.

The Oracle Security Forum “Securing Your Business from the Inside and Out” is happening on 10 Nov. 2015 in Brisbane, Australia.

Check Point’s End-to-End Next Generation Security

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., the largest pure-play security vendor globally, offers an event titled “Hong Kong Partner Seminar: End-to-End Next Generation Security”. Besides discussing on the Check Point end-to-end next generation security, this event also encourages participants to learn more about how customers may win case study and year-end sales promotion.

“Hong Kong Partner Seminar: End-to-End Next Generation Security” will be happening on 13 Nov. 2015 in Repulse Bay, Hong Kong and is by invitation only. For inquiries, email or visit now.

Fortinet’s Security 361° Symposium

The Fortinet Security 361⁰ Symposium is happening on 17 Nov. 2015 in The Mira Hong Kong, Hong Kong. In this symposium, Fortinet aims to examine the different potential points of incursions throughout the organisation’s extended value chain, starting from its suppliers, influential agencies, throughout the entire organisation—both online and physical, its business partners and finally its customers.

Be ITUpdated and Stay Secure

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