Posted on Nov 13, 2015

ITUpdate’s IT Events for November includes fora, seminars and application demonstrations with Nintex, Objective, MuleSoft, and AppWay; IT vendors who share the common goal of providing applications that assist enterprises in ensuring better streamlining of workflow, better services and relationships with clients, and as well as increasing the number of clients.

Work Inspired with Nintex

The Nintex Work Inspired seminar, in partnership with Provoke, promotes better workflow with the Nintex workflow automation platform through which participants hear directly from customers, featuring real-world applications on how they’re using the Nintex workflow automation platforms to solve their business challenges. Featured speakers are Chris Ellis, Nintex Technical Evangelist and Chris Ben, Provoke Technical Product Specialist, who will demonstrate how to use Nintex on-premises, in the cloud and on mobile devices towards automating simple to sophisticated processes.

This seminar is happening in three cities in New Zealand and aims to rid participants of the manual and time-intensive tasks, as well as improve their work.

Catch the Work Inspired Seminars on these dates:

• 4 Nov. 2015 – Christchurch, New Zealand
• 5 Nov. 2015 – Auckland, New Zealand
• 6 Nov. 2015 – Wellington, New Zealand

Digital Transformation

Objective holds a Digital Transformation Workshop Series wherein they will gather knowledge managers, business analysts, business solutions architects, strategy architects and organisational innovators to spread knowledge on how to leverage the Objective Enterprise Content Management investment to drive business process improvements that will deliver quantifiable returns for organisation and increase adoption.

The Digital Transformation Workshop Series is happening in three cities on the following dates:

• 10 Nov. 2015 – Perth, Australia
• 17 Nov. 2015 – Melbourne, Australia
• 19 Nov. 2015 – Canberra, Australia


MuleSoft Forum

MuleSoft invites CIO, project managers and technical decision-makers to interact and discuss with industry experts in digital transition and API-driven integrated solutions. Participants are expected to learn certain innovative ways to API-led integrated program in improving and achieving business transformation plan.

Besides a live demonstration of the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, this event also aims to provide the opportunity to learn how to provide ready-made, high-reliability, high performance, scalability and security features with MuleSoft Anypoint Platform as well as learn how to create major business plans to promote faster with oriented API integrated solutions.

The MuleSoft Forum 2015 is happening on these dates:

• 17 Nov. 2015 – Shanghai, China
• 19 Nov. 2015 – Shenzhen, China

The Faster One Wins

Entitled “The Faster One Wins—Conquer New Market Segments with Faster Onboarding”, the Appway Client Onboarding (COB) Roadshow Hong Kong is happening 4 Nov. 2015 at the Gloucester Tower, The Landmark, Hong Kong. With KapronAsia and Hong Kong Institute of Bankers as partners, Appway is releasing the results of a benchmark survey that explores COB trends and practices in APAC regions with a specific focus on Hong Kong.

This COB Roadshow Luncheon also aims to open opportunities to chat with peers about one another’s achievements and challenges with COB, discuss practices that can help organizations thrive amid challenging regulations and more demanding customers, and explore results of the in-depth expert report to discover how more efficient COB can help get clients on board more quickly and in accordance with global regulations.

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