Posted on Nov 2, 2015

With the goal of educating corporate leaders, IT managers, and IT decision-makers on how to come up with a more efficient, effective, and manageable data storage, ITUpdate is pleased to inform you about Oracle’s and Hitachi Data Systems’ IT events that are both centred on providing proper know-how in finding the best data storage solutions for enterprises.

“Connect What Works with What’s Next”

Hitachi gathers storage professionals and business managers in the upcoming “Hitachi Information Forum 2015: Connect What Works with What’s Next”. The main purpose of this event is to keep storage professionals stay in current with the valuable innovations and aid business managers who are in search for the effective IT solutions especially in data storage technologies.

The “Hitachi Information Forum 2015: Connect What Works with What’s Next” is happening on 19 Nov. 2015 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Data Storage

Prep for Data Growth Disruption

In spreading the news on how to efficiently manage increasing data, heighten data protection, and enhance data retention, Oracle will hold a Storage Workshop on 10 Nov. 2015 in Perth, Australia, and on 12 Nov. 2015 in Melbourne.

The Oracle Storage Workshop also aims to enhance the participants’ knowledge on taking control of database storage with co-engineered hardware and software; improving application performance with in-memory and flash storage solutions; streamlining data management and leverage long term archiving; and lowering costs by reducing required capacities and automating admin tasks.

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