Posted on Nov 11, 2015

To keep you abreast on the latest innovations and trends on everything IT, especially with the rapid development of cloud computing, ITUpdate announces the upcoming Information Technology related Events, Conferences, Fora, and Symposia happening in AU and APAC regions this November.

Salesforce Advantage Tour

Salesforce kicks off November with its Advantage Tour, which delivers information on how the adoption of cloud computing can assist businesses and enterprises in achieving new levels of success. Part of the Salesforce agenda is to explain how cloud computing can attract new business, delight customers and be operative in growing enterprises faster than ever.

Register now and catch the Salesforce Advantage IT Events in the cities near you:

• Marina Bay Sands, Singapore (3 Nov. 201
• Melbourne, Australia (10 Nov. 2015)
• Auckland, New Zealand (13 Nov. 2015)

VMware vForum

VMware vForum will also hold conferences across Asia Pacific where they intend to provide up-to-date knowledge in the latest IT innovations where enterprises and corporations in various fields can benefit from the goodness of the cloud.

Taking place in 19 cities in different parts of the Asia Pacific, VMware vForum offers technical and content-rich sessions, labs covering the latest in virtualization, innovations in the data center for storage, networking, security, management, workforce mobility and hybrid cloud services.

Join vForum’s IT Events and find them in these cities:

• Singapore (3-4 Nov. 2015)
• Bangkok, Thailand (5 Nov. 2015)
• Tokyo, Japan (10-11 Nov. 2015)
• Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (18 Nov. 2015).

IT Events on cloud

More IT Events on Cloud this November

ServiceNow changes the work gets done in their upcoming IT Event in Sydney, Australia this 11 Nov. 2015 where they will gather Service Management professionals from all corners of the enterprise to learn how to manage, enable and operate Everything as a Service. Meanwhile, Microsoft Ignite brings new learning on areas where Microsoft is continuing to invest and push for greater innovation and how to prepare IT Professionals and IT Organisations for the future trends that are revolutionising the industry at an ever accelerating pace.

In terms of cutting costs and complexity; accelerating innovation, boosting agility, and speed time to market; and simplifying management in Cloud Computing adoption, Oracle Cloud Day Jakarta will be held 12 Nov. 2015 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Microstrategy Symposium Tokyo 2015 will showcase how they bring ease-of-use to true enterprise-grade analytics and share the latest in Enterprise Analytics, Mobility and Security. Happening 12 Nov. 2015. Be among the first to see why MicroStrategy 10 sets new standards for data discovery, big data, advanced analytics and more.

And finally, from the 30th of November to the 1st of December 2015, the 2015 Esri Asia Pacific User Conference (APUC) will bring the best of the annual Esri User Conference in San Diego to the city of Bangkok, Thailand. APUC will gather new users, seasoned GIS professionals, decision makers, business owners, and GIS analysts to educate them on everything from 3D cartography to Geodesign by Esri specialists themselves.

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