Posted on Oct 25, 2016

In the upcoming Innovation Tour 2016, OpenText will bring IT decision makers and leaders the invaluable insights they need to keep pace with the digital transformation.

Happening on Nov. 29 in Sydney, Australia and on Dec. 1 in Singapore, industry experts present at the OpenText Innovation Tour will discuss innovative business models. This will also allow the IT community to be in conversation with their peers who are capitalising on the opportunities created by digital disruption.

Other activities which the participants may expect include relevant and dedicated sessions for various industries such as Government, Energy, Utilities, Financial Services and many others. For information technology and line of business executives across marketing, supply chain, procurement, and finance areas, OpenText will also open opportunity for them to talk to subject matter experts who can help solve critical business problems and find new opportunities in the digital age.

Featured speakers attending this digital transformation event include OpenText Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer Mark J. Barrenechea, OpenText President Steve Murphy, and OpenText Executive Vice President of Engineering Muhi Majzoub.

To everyone who wants to further find out the impact of Enterprise Information Management, join the OpenText Innovation tour and register today. Visit the OpenText ITUpdate vendor page for other assets and IT events or business innovation conferences happening soon in different parts of APAC and ANZ.

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