Posted on Jan 6, 2017

Better and more productive Internet of Things services launch in India in the last quarter of 2016 as Cisco Jasper and Reliance Group's partnership comes to fruition.

Launched as UNLIMIT, this is a partnership between India's leading private sector business house, Reliance Group, and Cisco Jasper, an IoT connectivity platform. UNLIMIT is dedicated to fueling up India IoT by providing Internet of Things services to enterprise customers throughout the vast South Asian country, particularly in enabling companies to simply deliver connected services.

Through this project, Reliance becomes the first telecommunications services provider in India that sets up a dedicated IoT business unit to help corporate customers reach their goals and maximise the UNLIMIT Control Center which is based on Cisco Jasper's IoT connectivity platform.

Cisco Jasper is the industry standard for managed connectivity. It is believed to simplify the delivery of IoT services to customers, hence providing UNLIMIT with a range of service offerings with global delivery standards.

"IoT is a critical enabler for India's growth, and businesses throughout the country are already utilizing its huge potential to help deliver innovative new services to their customers, while reducing cost and increasing revenue," Unlimit CEO Juergen Hase explained during the announcement of this new venture. "This strategic partnership will strengthen the market position of UNLIMIT significantly," Hase added as he expressed delight in partnering with Cisco Jasper.

Apart from enabling digital business transformation for Indian companies, the Reliance and Cisco Jasper IoT service is also paving the way for smart cities as it plays a key role in realizing the visions of the Digital India Project—a government program that is dedicated to building 100 Smart Cities to increase the quality of life, particularly in terms of making the citizens digitally empowered by ensuring that government services are available to citizens electronically.

In further ensuring the success of the Digital India Project, which mostly leverages IoT technology, this partnership will provide Cisco Jasper's leadership in IoT platform market. In addition, Cisco Jasper furthers its commitment to the Indian market as it seeks engineers who are committed to advancing the IoT Technology that is connecting more devices and enabling more IoT services than any other platform in the world.

"We are a company with deep roots in India, as both myself and one of my co-founders were born and raised here," said Cisco Jasper General Manager Mr. Jahangir Mohammed. "It is inspiring to see both the government and enterprises throughout India invest in IoT to advance both the country and commerce, which is why we are making our own investment in this market. Reliance Group's deep commitment to advancing IoT throughout the country makes them an ideal partner," Mohammed continued, who was also the former co-founder and CEO of Jasper.

Get more facts on this story at the Cisco Newsroom and further discover how the Reliance Group and Cisco Jasper partnership can enable Smart Cities; make IoT technology profitable for various businesses minus the complexity; and how Cisco expands its commitment to the Indian market, particularly in delivering exceptional IoT services by acquiring world-class engineering talent in India to join the Cisco Jasper team in the Bangalore Cisco Innovation Center.

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