Posted on Apr 21, 2016

Network2Share, a Melbourne-based cyber security and File Sync & Share startup, has welcomed the Australian Government’s announcement of its $230 million Cyber Security Strategy.

"We welcome the Prime Minister's announcement today and the Australian Government's increased commitment to innovation in cyber security," said Regan McKay, CEO and Founder of Network2Share.

Network2Share is a Melbourne-based software startup with 11 staff. The company developed CloudFileSync, an encrypted File Sync and Share solution that helps businesses to protect their information security.

“Recognising the need to address risks to a business’ intellectual property was the starting point for building CloudFileSync. Cyber security is not only for governments. Businesses handle all sorts of sensitive data, from financials to personal records of staff and customers.

“The recent Panama Papers leak is an example of risks to business data due to poor cyber security practices. A business’ files and documents – their marketing plans, financial documents, product roadmap, contracts, customer databases etc – are its lifeblood. That’s why we have built a solution to ensure they are secure.

“If the Panama Papers files were protected with our technology, the people who illegally accessed those files would never have been able to open them.

“This sort of protection is vital for health data, information held by legal, financial, engineering, technology businesses – for any business that handles sensitive data.”

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CloudFileSync protects company data security through:

  • Your files are always encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption wherever they are. This means sensitive data is always protected, even when it is not in use
  • Set and manage your own encryption keys. If your files are lost or stolen, they will be theoretically impossible to read without the encryption keys
  • When files are shared via CloudFileSync, they are sent via a hardened SSL/TLS secure tunnel to protect data in transit against any intervention
  • Add multiple storage servers in any country or location, even your own office, and use them to make your files available securely anywhere on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

Additional features to secure your data:

  • Set user permissions so that staff only have access to the files they need to do their jobs
  • Full visibility over shared files and which devices are used to access files
  • With full visibility, IT Administrators can detect patterns of unusual behaviour and prevent potential data breaches before they happen
  • IT Administrators can remotely wipe lost or stolen devices, or mobile app data
  • IT Administrators can instantly block user access to accounts to prevent previous employees from accessing or sharing company data

To find out more about CloudFileSync’s cyber security features visit

For media enquiries contact Regan McKay on +61 424 536 247 or

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