Next Generation Cyber Security

From an entirely new threat vector for security professionals to the adaptation of workspaces, the Cloud Generation is presenting challenges for organisations. This is where you can discover solutions and recommendations to prepare.

Endpoint Security

Strength Through Integration
View this infographic to understand how Symantec Blue Coat ProxySG is changing the way that information is protected.
Global threat Intelligence Report
This document outlines cybersecurity insights that will help your organisation shape strategy for migration to the cloud.
Success Factors for Hybrid IT
This document uses information provided through a recent survey to reveal insights that will help with making hybrid IT decisions.
Rethinking Security for the Cloud
The cloud is transforming the security needs for businesses. Realise eight suggestions to prepare for the changes.
Enterprise Endpoint Security
Traditional security approaches are not addressing the changing threat landscape. Learn about multilayer protection that will ensure you are prepared.
Secure Workspaces
Because of the hyperconnected digital era, businesses need to rethink the traditional workspace. View this infographic to gauge if your workspace is ready for the cyber threats of tomorrow.

Cloud Security

Secure Cloud Applications
This document demonstrates the importance of prioritising visibility and analysis in the cloud apps used by your organisation.
Cybersecurity Trend Forecast
This document outlines trends predicted for 2018 from predictive AI to blockchain technology.
Cloud Email Security
This whitepaper delves into security risks of cloud-based email and productivity and provides solutions to keep your organisation safe.
Safely Adopt Office 365
There are important security measures that must be incorporated with the adoption of Office 365 and Exchange Online that are not included in the package.
Office 365 Implementation Planning
The decision is made to go for Office 365, but there are important implementation considerations, such as performance, security and access controls.
Cloud App Security
Discover improved security efficiency, reduced operational expenses and superior user experiences by better understanding the next generation for cloud app security.
11 Step for Adopting Cloud
There are thousands of untrusted, non-secure applications out there, causing security vulnerabilities. Read this document to prepare for cloud apps and services.

Information Protection

Data Loss Prevention
This document outlines how you can confidently adopt cloud apps, from Dropbox to SalesForce, by uncovering shadow data and analysing risk levels.
2017 Global Threat Intelligence Infographic
This infographic details the threat data gathered from the 2017 Global Threat Intelligence Report, presenting key vulnerabilities and threats for businesses.
Five DLP Tips from Security Executives
Read this whitepaper to discover important questions to ask before deploying a data loss prevention system.

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