Buyer’s Guide: Ten Essential Capabilities of a Bot Management Solution

IT professionals are fighting an endless war of attrition against a constant barrage of bad bot attacks. Today’s bots represent a new generation of threats, rapidly shifting profiles and targets, and outpacing traditional solutions’ ability to adapt. As the sheer volume, sophistication, and damage potential of these automated threats grows, they put a costly and unmanageable strain on security staff and resources. To complicate matters, more and more WAF vendors, CDNs, and startups now claim to solve the bad bot problem. Download this Buyer’s Guide to help you choose the right partner by understanding:

How to go beyond the marketing hype of machine learning
Pitfalls to avoid like: Don’t lock your front door, but leave your back door open
Why technology alone won’t solve the problem
How to catch more bots without affecting business-critical traffic
The three critical NON-technology factors in selecting a partner

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