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Cybersecurity for SMBs Whitepaper

It’s 2019, and small and midsize businesses (SMB) need and want cybersecurity. In a recent survey of 1,000 US small businesses conducted by GoDaddy1 almost 50% of survey respondents reported suffering a financial loss due to hacking, with 13% saying the loss was greater than $5,000. Security is a global problem; a Cyber Security Breaches Survey conducted by the U.K. government2 found 42% of all micro/small businesses identified a cybersecurity breach in the previous year. Given the similarities in the responses it’s not unreasonable to conclude that small businesses with meaningful assets everywhere in the world are being targeted. This white paper will explore:

• SMB exposure on the internet, and unique challenges they face dealing with security threats
• How ISPs can help SMBs address their security exposure
• The market opportunity for SMB security, and how providers can build a business case

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