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Cybersecurity Workshop: Office 365 Protection | Sydney | 13 Dec 2019

Users of cloud-based apps like Microsoft® Office 365® and DropBox® are quickly discovering that the built-in security features don’t protect them as well as they should. Our Cloud App Security 2018 report reveals 8,920,792 high-risk threats were detected and blocked by Trend Micro after they were missed by Office 365 security.

If your organisation is moving to the Microsoft cloud-solution Office 365 or evaluating your email security protection, you probably are re-thinking how best to secure your email and file-sharing tasks. Could you use some guidance on how to enhance Office 365's built-in security to better protect your business? In this workshop, you will learn how attacks are changing and how you can guard against advanced threats in OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, DropBox and email.

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