HIP and MFT: MFT as a service, Next Generation MFT | Singapore

In today’s world, digital transformation needs to happen fast, not yesterday. Ever wondered if your current Managed File Transfer (MFT) is up to scratch in the current digital era? This session aims to provide you with a comprehensive overview on our Next Generation MFT solution, that allows you to modernize through a safe system.

Many organizations are using APIs and an integration platform to simplify their setup and gain control of automated transfers. A large banking customer built an onboarding app for file transfer and expects to cut time and errors out of the process, which will save them millions of dollars a year. Essentially, you do not need to replace all your MFT processes, HIP and MFT can work well together to streamline and bring innovation to your traditional business processes. Join this exclusive event on 16th August (Friday) and learn more!

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