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Oracle Modern Customer Experience Forum | Mumbai | 17 Dec 2019

Technology has transformed today’s customers and our relationships with them. Are you ready to discover how to engage with tomorrow’s customers, today and embrace the opportunities of the experience economy? The Oracle Modern Customer Experience Forum brings you an opportunity to connect with professionals and peers across industries in exploring digital and cloud opportunities, and to engage with your customers in real-time to gain competitive advantage.

Join the Modern Customer Experience Forum in Mumbai along with peers across marketing, service, sales and commerce to redefine your role and march forward in the experience economy. There will be many opportunities to network and hear from CX experts, who are mastering the complexity of today’s non-linear entropic customer journey, as well as skilled industry influencers, experts and innovators. Get tailored insights and takeaways from experts within your CX focus area, demos & real use cases. Discover how you can delight customers in new ways by maximizing connected data and using advanced personalization to build one-to-one marketing experiences

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