TED + Pure Storage Present: The Power of Simplicity | Hong Kong

6 Dec 2017 - Hong Kong
The Power Of Simplicity, is an exclusive event hosted by Pure Storage in collaboration with TED, which will see some of the world’s brightest minds reveal their secrets to identifying patterns through data, and distilling complex information to transform the way you make business decisions.

Leading the discussion will be TED Fellow & Ecologist, Eric Berlow, who will draw upon his vast experience in breaking down complex information and identifying interconnected patterns in vast ecosystems - from manipulating ecological habitats to managing US Government counterinsurgency relations. Joining Eric Berlow on stage will be John Hayes, world-leading technologist and CEO of self-driving car startup Ghost Locomotion, who will breaking down the complex patterns in our behaviours that could one day help cars act more like humans. Vaughn Stewart, Pure Storage’s VP of Technology, will also share his experience in helping organisations globally navigate technically complex infrastructures to fundamentally change their industry.

Be one of the few to discover how complex isn’t complicated, and save your seat to this exclusive event today.

Disclaimer: The Power of Simplicity is an exclusive event for global leaders and world changes. There are a limited number of seats available in each city, we will do our best to accommodate all qualified registrants, but please be advised that you will need to receive a confirmation email for the event in order to attend.

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