Posted on Dec 6, 2016

The cyber security landscape further faces challenges as the number of users adopting the Internet of Things continue to rise, Fortinet stated in a recently published press release.

Albeit a very promising and productive innovation, Fortinet revealed an alarming reality behind the advent of the IoT. Apparently, the increasing number of connected devices means that there are also a rising number of weakness points which can lure attackers. This scenario prompts IoT manufacturers to be held accountable for breaches, the release also said. The call for IoT manufacturers to strengthen security is vital especially when 20 billion of IoT devices turn out to be the weakest links for attacking the cloud.

Another pressing issue which the circle of IT security professionals need to endure is the fact that while malicious attacks keep on advancing and innovating, there is presently a shortage in cyber security talent.

Find out how the IT security industry is facing all these and hear some insights from the global security strategist of Fortinet, Derek Manky, by reading the press release in its entirety here.

To view pieces of product information from Fortinet, you may visit its ITUpdate Vendor Page today.

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