New Product|Internet of Things (IoT)

    Avaya Surge™ Solution

    Avaya Surge solution uses Avaya Open Networking Adapters and an IoT Controller. The Adapter connects to any device with an Ethernet port and becomes its proxy intelligence. Once paired, the Adapter...

    Event|Internet of Things (IoT)

    WCIT IoT Expo 2017

    11 Sept 2017 - Taipei, Taiwan

    The Internet of Things Expo is a global networking opportunity for partners—device maker, platform provider, system integrator, business analysist, individual software vendor or enterprise customer—to...

    Whitepaper|Internet of Things (IoT)
    Posted Date:21/07/2017

    Cisco Best Practices to Minimize Operating Expenses

    This white paper is for business leaders charged with the overall management of IoT initiatives and those with operational and financial responsibility who seek a better understanding of the total...

    Whitepaper|Internet of Things (IoT)
    Posted Date:14/07/2017

    Red Hat Securing the Industrial Internet of Things

    Learn how to deploy effective IIoT architecture and security measures to avoid operational downtime, significant loss of production and revenue, or even physical harm to employees or customers.

    Whitepaper|Internet of Things (IoT)
    Posted Date:12/07/2017

    SOTI Managing Mobility Tsunami

    Mobile and IoT devices are used by organizations across the world and alongside the growth in numbers, we are experiencing a revolutionary technology wave of an unprecedented scale.

    New Product|Internet of Things (IoT)

    SOTI One

    Business mobility is critical to the success of your company. More and more of your workers depend on mobile devices running custom business apps to do their jobs. But, what are your plans for...

    Whitepaper|Internet of Things (IoT)
    Posted Date:11/07/2017

    Holistic IoT security

    In this white paper, Bosch Software will offer guidance that is based on selected experiences at Bosch that they have collected while delivering solutions and supporting infrastructure for connected...

    Whitepaper|Internet of Things (IoT)
    Posted Date:11/07/2017

    Anomaly detection with event data in the Internet of Things

    In this white paper, Bosch Software will describe their approach, highlight some observations made during various projects, and have a look at the components that a system for data analysis typically...

    Whitepaper|Internet of Things (IoT)
    Posted Date:11/07/2017

    Real-world challenges in developing IoT solutions

    All these players can benefit from fast and easy IoT solution development. To facilitate this, Bosch Software Innovations has teamed up with PTC® to deliver a joint offering that focuses on the...

    Press Release|Internet of Things (IoT)

    Cerner and Cloudera Win Ovum’s Inaugural IoT Futures Award

    22 Jun 2017

    Honored in the ‘Internet of Things in Industry’ Category for health care solution that predicts sepsis.

    Event|Internet of Things (IoT)

    AU ASEAN 2017: The Future of Making Things

    31 Aug 2017 - Bangkok, Thailand

    AU ASEAN 2017 is your chance to connect with the best in the business, share technical knowledge, solve unique business challenges, and gain a deeper understanding of cross-industry opportunities....

    Whitepaper|Internet of Things (IoT)
    Posted Date:21/06/2017

    Aruba Networks - New Study Focuses on IoT in the Enterprise

    IoT’s impact on the economy will be significant – creating new business models while transforming existing ones to improve efficiency and generate new sources of revenue. In this new global study of...

    Whitepaper|Internet of Things (IoT)
    Posted Date:14/06/2017

    The ‘Connected’ Associate

    In response to flattening sales growth, best-in-class retailers are aggressively pursuing the omnichannel — creating a seamless shopping experience across all channels; in-store, online, mobile and...

    Press Release|Internet of Things (IoT)

    TIBCO Software to Acquire Data Science Platform Leader Statistica

    15 May 2017

    Deal to Augment TIBCO’s Analytics Offering for Advanced Insights and IoT Analytics.

    New Product|Internet of Things (IoT)

    MapR Edge

    MapR Edge is a small footprint edition of the MapR Converged Data Platform that addresses the need to capture, process, and analyze IoT data close to the source. MapR Edge is also a fully-functional...

    Whitepaper|Internet of Things (IoT)
    Posted Date:26/05/2017

    MapR Edge for the Internet of Things

    From smart thermostats to motion-sensing lights, the Internet of Things (IoT) has already weaved itself into many aspects of our daily lives.

    Whitepaper|Internet of Things (IoT)
    Posted Date:18/05/2017

    How the Internet of Things (IoT) Is Transforming Field Service

    For service companies, it is not only changing what they do and how they do it – IoT is transforming their relationships with customers, disrupting old business models, and ushering in a new era where...

    Press Release|Internet of Things (IoT)

    Three Group Signs Global Internet of Things Connectivity Partnership...

    27 Mar 2017

    Three Group has today announced a partnership with Cisco Jasper which extends Three Group’s capabilities in the global Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace.

    Whitepaper|Internet of Things (IoT)
    Posted Date:09/05/2017

    How to Choose an IT Platform to Empower Your Internet of Things

    While this paper explores the unifying theme of a platform, upcoming pieces will drive deeper into each requirement above.

    New Product|Internet of Things (IoT)

    SAS® Analytics for IoT

    SAS Analytics for IoT covers the full IoT analytics life cycle – from data capture and integration to analytics and deployment.

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