Pure Storage x Cisco Flash Stack Workshop

    24 Jan 2018 - Hong Kong

    In this workshop, you'll learn about how flash storage is changing the converged infrastructure space. You'll hear about FlashStack - a pre-validated converged architecture built on Pure's storage...

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    Actifio's Virtual Data Pipeline™ 8.0

    The heart of the Actifio platform is the Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP), which virtualizes copy data, eliminating redundancies and re-purposing unique data for multiple data management applications. VDP...

    Posted Date:27/11/2017

    The Essential Guide to Storage for DevOps

    Many companies today are adopting a DevOps model to accelerate development efforts and deliver new applications and services. Choosing the right enterprise cloud storage provides the foundation to...

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    Acronis Storage 2.3

    Acronis Storage is a universal, cost-efficient, easy-to-use, and scalable software-defined storage solution that combines block, file, and object workloads and uses industry-standard hardware. It's...

    Posted Date:13/11/2017

    AI, Analytics and the Future of Your Enterprise

    Is your organization capitalizing on the full potential of data analytics? In this big data primer, you will learn about the 3 key challenges facing organizations today: managing overwhelming amounts...

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    Streamlined, flexible, transformative IT helps deliver the applications and workloads to make your business better. With industry-leading technology in a Cisco Validated Design, FlashStack™...

    Posted Date:06/11/2017

    Using hadoop for Data Warehouse Optimization

    Read the TDWI Checklist Report on Using Hadoop for Data Warehouse Optimization and learn how to leverage Horizontal Scalability/Elasticity with Open Source Technologies to Reduce Costs, augment...

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    Our world is all about power reliability products and its controls. In fact, every significant power transfer advancement over the last 90 years has come from us. It’s a commitment to innovation...

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    Your network plays a critical role in your business. The last thing you want to worry about is your infrastructure’s DC power system failing. With superior reliability and a minimal footprint, the...


    Multi Cloud Storage

    See across clouds and your data center to gain global visibility—no matter where your data is. Infosight Predictive Analytics anticipate and prevent issues across the stack and provide insights to...

    Posted Date:09/10/2017

    Multicloud Storage for Dummies

    This easy to understand guide explains how to use multicloud to accelerate digital transformation, optimize storage across clouds and on-premise infrastructure and enhance application availability and...

    Posted Date:06/10/2017

    Accelerating Academic Research With All-Flash Storage

    With the release of the Pure Storage FlashBlade, the academic world now has access to a powerful, fast and economical solution to their big-data problem. This paper addresses the challenges of current...

    Posted Date:06/10/2017

    Perforce Software Development on Pure

    This joint Pure Storage and Perforce technical best practice report contains information to aid both development and implementation approaches for integrated systems. It includes performance...

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