Posted Date:18/04/2017

    Accelerating Database Workloads Using HPE MSA Storage with Build-In...

    olid state storage is increasingly deployed in all sizes of datacenters, from the small and medium business to the large enterprise.

    Posted Date:23/03/2017

    Complete Data Protection for FlashStack with Cohesity

    While the focused use-case is with VMware Horizon, this solution is extensible to databases, VSI, physical host workloads and beyond across all tiers of workloads.

    Posted Date:02/03/2017

    Choose an Innovative Approach to All Flash: Hitachi Accelerated Flash...

    Learn how Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS) with Hitachi Accelerated Flash (HAF) eliminates performance and efficiency issues in enterprise workloads and large-scale transaction...

    Posted Date:22/02/2017

    IDC ExpertROI Spotlight: SRH Klinikverbund Deploys DataCore...

    IDC interviewed SRH Klinikverbund, a German healthcare organization, to assess and measure the impact of its DataCore SANsymphony software-defined storage deployment.

    Posted Date:17/02/2017

    Innovations in All-Flash Storage Deliver a New Approach to...

    Discover how new innovations in all-flash storage can address these challenges by offering performance, density and simplified manageability via a unique combination of features and functions found in...

    New Products|Storage

    NetApp Hybrid Storage Systems

    Combine flash solid-state drive (SSD) with hard disk (HDD) technology for high performance cost effective solution.

    New Products|Storage

    NetApp Cloud Data Storage

    Easily integrate your existing or new data center infrastructure and favorite cloud provider.

    New Products|Storage

    NetApp All-Flash Storage Systems

    All-Flash Storage Systems. Powerful Solid-State Flash Storage Arrays.

    New Products|Storage


    SANsymphony™ Software-Defined Storage, powered by DataCore™ Parallel I/O technology, is our flagship 10th generation storage virtualization solution.

    New Products|Storage

    DataCore™ Hyper-converged Virtual SAN

    The world's fastest hyper-converged solution. Create a high-performance, cost-effective hyper-converged infrastructure using DAS or internal storage on your cluster of hosts.

    New Products|Storage

    Rocket® Arkivio®

    Rocket® Arkivio® data management solutions enable tiered storage, optimized backup, file system reporting, compliance, and archiving for unstructured data.

    Posted Date:06/02/2017

    Top Six Reasons to Use Secondary Storage With Availability Software


    To deal with the staggering volume and variety of data, many enterprises today rely on deduplication appliances to facilitate backups, improve overall storage performance and lower the cost of using...

    New Products|Storage


    Every four hours, InfoSight collects and analyzes more sensor data points from our customers’ arrays than there are stars in our galaxy.

    New Products|Storage

    Adaptive Flash Arrays

    The industry’s only Predictive All Flash Array combines fast flash performance with predictive analytics to deliver data velocity and an unparalleled user experience.

    Posted Date:06/01/2017

    Outrun Your Competition in Cloud Services

    This is the year for cloud services. Demand for Infrastructure-asa-Service alone will grow over 38 percent as more organizations leverage cloud services.

    Posted Date:03/01/2017

    Using big data to create and deliver optimal shopping experiences

    Consumers purchase goods and services using a complex set of shifting, individually important factors, whether it is access to the right selection of products, the date of an upcoming trip or event,...

    Posted Date:03/01/2017

    What brick-and-mortar retail can gain from big data

    With today’s big data solutions, it is possible for retailers to quickly achieve increasingly accurate and complete insights about customer behavior and store operations.

    New Products|Storage

    Coho Lifecycle

    The Coho architecture scales as your business demands it, allowing for seamless and efficient growth without the upfront investment of traditional storage systems.

    New Products|Storage

    Coho Hardware

    Coho’s software-defined storage approach enables the incorporation of the latest performance and density improvements that are continuously emerging in flash, server, and networking hardware.

    New Products|Storage

    Acronis Storage

    Use it as back-end for applications like Acronis Files Cloud, Acronis Backup Cloud, Open-Xchange, vSphere, Hyper V, Microsoft Exchange or as shared storage for general needs like documents, graphics,...

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