Posted Date:22/05/2018

    How To Enable Storage Management Abstraction With Hitachi Storage...

    May 2018

    Read this white paper to learn about the features of the Hitachi Storage Advisor (HSA) configuration and storage management application for Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G series and VSP F...


    Pure Live 2018 | Singapore

    24 Jul 2018 - Singapore

    Join Pure Storage at Pure Live 2018 where you’ll hear from the brightest minds at Pure Storage, NVIDIA, and more. Learn what you’ll need to thrive in the augmented and artificial intelligent era. At...

    Posted Date:10/05/2018

    How Can IT Support Business Goals When Facing Unyielding Data Growth?

    This paper highlights the benefits of Hitachi Content Platform, and thoroughly examines data protection and security must-haves for solving enterprise data challenges. Download the white paper today.

    Posted Date:10/05/2018

    Best Practices Guide for Dell EMC Unity Storage Integration

    Apr 2018

    This Best Practices Guide provides guidance to customers using Veeam Availability Suite with Dell EMC Unity (and VNX / VNXe) storage systems. Focusing on system performance and configuration...


    2018 IBM Systems Technical University

    7 - 9 Aug 2018 - Sydney, Australia

    IBM Systems Technical University empowers you to implement solutions for IBM Z, IBM Power Systems, and IBM Storage in a cloud, cognitive and big data world.

    New Product|Storage

    Acronis Storage 2.4

    Acronis Storage is a universal, cost-efficient, easy-to-use, and scalable software-defined storage solution that combines block, file, and object workloads and uses industry-standard hardware.

    Posted Date:26/04/2018

    Assessing the financial impact of HPE InfoSight predictive analytics

    Sep 2017

    There’s no question that predictive analytics can benefit your IT support. The question is how much. Read this research paper from ESG and get a precise answer. Find out how the HPE InfoSight...

    Posted Date:26/04/2018

    Top Ten Reasons to Adopt Software-Defined Storage

    DataCore delivers a software-defined architecture that empowers existing and new storage investments with greater performance, availability and functionality.Download this white paper to learn about...

    Posted Date:26/04/2018

    Integrating Hyper-converged Systems with Existing SANs

    When hypervisor-based computing was pressed forward as application hosting option in the early 2000s, a large part of the value proposition had to do with the benefits of server consolidation that...

    Posted Date:18/04/2018

    All-Flash Data Centers for Dummies

    Are you considering the switch to all-flash storage? Read this Dummies book to learn how to contain your storage costs; attain storage simplicity and manageability; ways to achieve scalability and...

    Posted Date:16/04/2018

    World’s first 14TB nearline HDD with Conventional Magnetic Recording

    With the prevalence of IoT, big-data, cloud,and other IT services, the volume of data generated is increasing exponentially. In this situation, demand for high capacity 3.5-inch hard disk drives...

    Press Release|Storage

    Broadcom Modernizes Fibre Channel with New NVMe Storage and SAN...

    10 Apr 2018

    Broadcom Inc., today announced new NVMe and automation capabilities and the industry’s highest-density Brocade® Gen 6 switch and port blade, the Brocade G630 switch and Brocade FC32-64 port blade for...

    Posted Date:11/04/2018

    Redefining the standard for system availability

    Discover how Nimble Storage achieves six nines measured availability using predictive analytics and data science as the core architecture of every system.

    Press Release|Storage

    NEC accelerates digital transformation for businesses with new...

    3 Apr 2018

    NEC Corporation today announced the provision of a reinforced "Data Platform for Hadoop" (DPH *1), an integrated analytics platform for collecting, storing, processing and analyzing data; and the NEC...

    Posted Date:28/03/2018

    Achieve Breakthrough Business Continuity

    Learn how Pure Storage is changing the business continuity landscape with ActiveCluster. This white paper discusses a new active/active stretched cluster technology that allows companies of all sizes...

    Posted Date:26/03/2018

    5 Reasons Your Storage Snapshots Aren't Working

    Commvault IntelliSnap technology, which automates and orchestrates snapshot management and lifecycle management across multiple storage arrays using a single console, eliminates many of the scripting...

    Posted Date:19/03/2018

    Solution brief: Availability and risk avoidance for VMware vSAN

    2 Feb 2018

    Software-defined storage (SDS) separates storage hardware from the software that manages the storage infrastructure. It also enables businesses to purchase heterogeneous storage hardware without...

    New Product|Storage

    MapR Data Fabric for Kubernetes

    MapR Data Fabric for Kubernetes provides persistent storage for containers and enables the deployment of stateful containerized applications. The MapR Data Fabric for Kubernetes addresses the...

    Posted Date:02/03/2018

    Can Machine Learning Prevent Application Downtime?

    This research by Nimble Storage, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, outlines the top five causes of application delays. The report analyses more than 12,000 anonymised cases of downtime and slow...

    Posted Date:28/02/2018

    The Modernization of Storage Architectures

    This paper examines storage architectures that are currently available and compares and contrasts them based on such criteria as availability, scalability, performance, extensibility, and...

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