Whitepaper|Data Centre
    Posted Date:02/02/2018

    Analysis of How Data Center Pod Frames Reduce Cost and Accelerate IT...

    There is a better way to deploy and manage groups (or pods) of IT racks. Effective, free-standing pod frame containment systems can be quickly assembled and used as an overhead mounting point for...

    Posted Date:02/02/2018

    Battery Technology for Single Phase UPS Systems: VRLA vs. Li-ion

    Lithium-ion battery prices have decreased over the years and are now becoming a viable option for UPS applications. This paper provides a brief overview of li-ion batteries in comparison to VRLA...

    Whitepaper|Data Centre
    Posted Date:21/12/2017

    Rethink Resiliency At the Edge With Cloud Computing

    In this paper, it describes the practices commonly seen in the three data center types mentioned, discuss how the expectations of availability have changed, propose a method for evaluating the...

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