Posted Date:24/07/2018

    Enhanced Experiences in the Smart Digital Workplace

    25 Jun 2018

    The advantages of the Smart Digital Workplace are captured in interactions called experiences. This paper describes these experiences and the dynamic relationship between assets – people, things, or...

    Posted Date:23/07/2018

    How Aruba Security Solutions Support NIST Compliance

    12 Jul 2018

    This white paper describes how the products and technologies in the Aruba 360 Secure Fabric can contribute to overall NIST compliance. The 360 Fabric is a security architecture in which Aruba security...

    Whitepaper|Internet of Things (IoT)
    Posted Date:23/07/2018

    IoT and the Smart Workplace

    11 Jul 2018

    Workplaces equipped with a growing range of IoT sensors and other IoT devices will be able to offer enhanced, interactive experiences to their occupants, visitors, managers, and operators.

    Posted Date:18/06/2018

    802.11ax White Paper

    31 May 2018

    This white paper provides an in-depth look at the 802.11ax technology, including a look at the current Wi-Fi market, the genesis of technologies to 802.11ax, key features of 802.11ax as well as...

    Whitepaper|Internet of Things (IoT)
    Posted Date:18/06/2018

    Locating Value: Extracting Context From The IoT To Create Real...

    13 Jun 2018

    The power of the Internet of Things (IoT) comes from extracting and exploiting process, business, and customer data that are locked inside enterprises. Inside devices, inside machines, inside...

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