Whitepaper|Data Centre
    Posted Date:10/08/2018

    Rethinking the Data Center with Interconnection

    IDC explains how creating value, growth, and competitive advantage through new offerings, new business models and relationships requires 3rd Platform IT and interconnection-oriented architectures....

    Posted Date:10/08/2018

    Use of Cloud Technology in the Insurance Industry

    The ability to capture structured and unstructured data in the insurance industry has never been more important. As insurers look to consolidate their data or integrate systems from newly-acquired...

    Whitepaper|Data Centre
    Posted Date:11/05/2018

    Machine Intelligence – The Killer App for the Digital Economy

    Researchers at the University of Surrey, in partnership with Equinix, provide an in-depth look at the transformative power of Machine Intelligence (MI), a process of sophisticated algorithms that can...

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