Posted Date:05/02/2018

    Watchguard 2018 Security Predictions

    Cryptocurrency, IoT botnets, MFA, and more! Hackers are already planning their next big attacks for 2018. Learn what you might face, and how to defend against it with the latest 2018 security...

    Posted Date:05/02/2018

    The Evil-ution of Network Security Threats

    What are the hacks that forever changed the security industry? To answer that question, Watchguard created an exciting new eBook that takes you on a trip through hacking history. It explores the top...

    Posted Date:01/02/2018

    Classification, Detection, Prevention – Your Most Secure Wi-Fi

    This whitepaper focuses on Wi-Fi threats to your network from rogue access points (APs) and clients, unapproved personal smartphones and tablets, ad-hoc connections, client mis-associations and...

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