Posted Date:07/08/2018

    Producing Your Network Security Policy

    This paper lays out a common-sense approach to writing corporate security policies that makes them easier to draft, maintain, and enforce. Our "question and answer" approach requires no outside...

    Posted Date:30/07/2018

    Defending Against Known, Unknown, and Evasive Threats with WatchGuard...

    Hackers are designing malware to be more sophisticated than ever, leveraging zero day threats and evasion techniques to sneak past network defenses undetected. Detecting malware in this virulent...

    Posted Date:24/07/2018

    Identify Rogue Access Points with Marker Packet Technology

    Some of the most common types of threats to your WLAN come from rogue access points – unauthorized devices that can enter your network to snoop, steal data, and plant malware. Using patented Market...

    Posted Date:24/07/2018

    Classification, Detection, Prevention Your Most Secure Wi-Fi

    This whitepaper focuses on Wi-Fi threats to your network from rogue access points (APs) and clients, unapproved personal smartphones and tablets, ad-hoc connections, client mis-associations and...

    Posted Date:08/05/2018

    Integration with Google for Education

    Technology impacts everyone involved in education, but as Wi-Fi’s popularity grows throughout all levels of primary and secondary education, challenges around device management and access control...

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