For more than a decade, Aconex has been doing a great job in attaining their primary goal of providing an online collaboration platform for many organizations and enterprises.

Aconex is the most widely used online collaboration platform in the world for construction, infrastructure, energy and resources projects. It has helped manage more than US$800 billion in capital projects across 70 countries.

In addition, it allows owners, contractors, construction managers, EPCs, project managers and consultants to collaborate securely, efficiently and easily. Its 400 employees are unapologetically committed to helping project teams finish early and under budget. Hand-in-hand with the customers and by leveraging their expertise in cloud computing, particularly the software-as-a-service model, Aconex is transforming how project teams work together, increasing accountability and extending control so more gets done, faster.

Since its founding, five principles have underpinned the company's growth and the success of its clients. These principles include equal access for all; merging of cloud computing technology and mobile devices; providing a single project-wide and easy-to-use platform for participants in a project; unlimited data and unlimited support with transparent engagement minus the creeping expenses or unexpected fees; and an available support that is accessible anytime and anywhere.

Aconex provides an entire project team – not just the employees – with unlimited support, in a range of languages, anywhere in the world. Their experienced staff are located in more than 40 locations around the globe.

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