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Amazon Web Services is among the many innovative products of which basically offers broad & deep core Cloud infrastructure services such as computing, storage and content delivery, database, and networking.

As one of the industry’s leading Cloud IaaS provider, AWS provides analytics and mobile services, enterprise applications, and the Internet of Things as part of their thrusts in accelerating their clients’ Cloud success with the said rich platform services.

It is also part of their thrusts to increase developer productivity and operational efficiency by giving their customers effective developer and management tools, security and identity solutions, and application services.

AWS is engineered for the most demanding requirements by providing comprehensive security capabilities to satisfy the most demanding information security requirements; by granting the customers with the option to choose the right level of isolation for their apps and integrate with existing resources; by enabling customers to understand the robust controls in place at AWS to maintain security and data protection in the cloud; and by building hybrid IT architectures that extend clients’ on-premises infrastructure to the Cloud.

AWS supports virtually any workload for over a million active customers in 190 countries.


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