Anaplan for Finance

While Anaplan’s vision is to shake up an industry with a disruptive technology, they are also determined to build a great company that values transparency and engagement with customers, employees and the community at large. To that end, they are dedicating their products, equity, time, and website to causes which their employees, customers and partners care about.

It was in 2006, when Anaplan began its mission: Anaplan’s Chief Architect, Michael Gould, recognizes that the existing vendor architecture simply cannot support the next generation of planning software. Michael leaves his job in order to build his vision—a planning platform that takes full advantage of the latest computing transformations: in-memory computing, 64 bit multi core processing, database innovation and SaaS delivery.

Two years later, Michael brings the best features of three architectures together—cube, columnar database, and cell-based. The patented technology–Hyperblock™–enables a single modeling environment for entire organizations and the ability to recalculate massive models at spreadsheet-like speed.

After eight years of steady growth, Anaplan now has 14 global offices, 50,000 happy Anaplanners, and billions of cells in a model. These figures support the statement that Anaplan has reinvented enterprise planning and modelling.


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