Blue Coat delivers an advanced enterprise security that protects and serves 15,000 organizations every day, including 88 of the 100 largest global companies. It partners with Chief Security Officers and with network and security operations teams to address massive shifts in computing landscape – with equally vital network, security and cloud implications.

The Blue Coat Security Platform unites network, security and cloud technologies to maximize security protection, minimize network impact and fully embrace cloud applications and services. The platform was forged by Blue Coat’s 20 years of front-line security experience, fortified by deep engineering and research prowess.

Blue Coat’s leadership in enterprise security includes providing advanced web protection wherein it seamlessly protects cloud and on-premise assets. It also defends against advanced threats; manage encrypted traffic; respond rapidly to security incidents; and optimize network performance where it accelerates performance while enhancing security. Blue Coat also empowers cloud security by leveraging the cloud to protect the cloud.

Blue Coat has 15,000 customers worldwide and has more than 1,700 employees. Its corporate headquarters is in Sunnyvale California and has two more headquarters: EMEA headquarters is in Hampshire, United Kingdom while APAC headquarters is in Singapore.

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