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The Bosch Software Innovations (SI) designs, develops, and operates innovative software and system solutions that help our customers around the world both in the Internet of Things and the traditional enterprise environment. It is the Bosch Group’s software and systems house.

In the field of the Internet of Things, Bosch (SI) offers the Bosch IoT Suite which allows the interaction of devices, users, companies and partners on a centralized platform. The IT solutions they provide cater to cross industry solutions, energy management, manufacturing, retail and logistics, mobility, insurance, public, and telco. Besides their IoT Suite, Bosch SI has products such as inubit BPM, Visual Rules BRM, and ProSyst OSGi Middleware.

Most of Bosch SI’s customers are from sectors such as Utilities, Manufacturing, Retail and Logistics, Telco, Public, and many others. They have offices in America, Europe and the Asia and Pacific. To learn more about Bosch SI, visit their website.


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