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Cato Networks specializes in providing secure and optimized global SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) solutions. Founded in 2015, Cato Networks has quickly established itself as a leading provider of cloud-based networking and security services.

Cato Networks offers a comprehensive range of software and hardware solutions designed to simplify and enhance network connectivity and security. Their flagship product, Cato Cloud, is a fully integrated platform that combines SD-WAN, network security, and optimization capabilities. This allows businesses to securely connect their branch offices, data centers, and cloud resources through a single, unified network architecture. Cato Cloud also includes advanced features such as application-aware routing, real-time analytics, and built-in security services like next-generation firewall and secure web gateway.

Cato Networks specializes in various technology types to deliver their cutting-edge solutions. They have expertise in SD-WAN, which enables organizations to leverage multiple network connections, including MPLS, broadband, and LTE, to create a more reliable and cost-effective wide area network. Additionally, Cato Networks focuses on network security, providing advanced threat prevention, data loss prevention, and secure web access. They also specialize in network optimization, ensuring that applications and data are delivered efficiently and with low latency across the network. With their expertise in these technology types, Cato Networks empowers businesses to achieve secure, agile, and high-performing networks.

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