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Ciena is a networking systems, services, and software company known for its commitment to customer success. With over 25 years of industry leadership, we support more than 1,500 of the world’s most complex networks. We do this by adapting and connecting hardware, services, and software in an open environment to ensure networks are securely ‘fit for flexibility’, today and into the future.

From their founding, Ciena has been a pioneer in the networking industry. Coupled with innovation, their growth and success have been built on their ability to partner with clients—delivering the next-generation solutions they require to evolve their networks. These network requirements are driven by changing and often, unpredictable end user expectations. Their clients want more capacity, more content, and more flexibility, while also demanding less overhead, less complication, and less cost. Their clients and their networks must transform. Ciena is the best partner to guide them through this transformation to build a more intelligent and adaptive network.

They believe in a new network end-state—a network that grows smarter, more agile, and more responsive every day. They call it the Adaptive Network and it enables their clients to optimize existing frameworks while incorporating new technologies and ways of working with openness, scalability, and security. With approximately 5,800 specialists in more than 30 countries, their inspiration to innovate comes directly from the unique dynamics of each client’s business. Ciena engineers have received more than 2,000 patents, representing a diverse range of inventions that underpin their clients’ continued success.


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