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Cisco was founded in 1984. With over three decades of experience, Cisco has established itself as a global leader in networking and IT solutions.

Cisco offers a wide range of software and hardware products designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses and organizations. Their software offerings include networking and security solutions, collaboration tools, data center management software, and cloud-based applications. On the hardware front, Cisco provides routers, switches, servers, storage devices, and telephony systems, among others. Their comprehensive portfolio enables customers to build and manage robust and secure IT infrastructures.

As a technology company, Cisco specializes in various areas to cater to the evolving needs of the digital landscape. They are known for their expertise in networking technologies, including routing, switching, and wireless solutions. Additionally, Cisco has made significant advancements in cybersecurity, offering cutting-edge solutions to protect against cyber threats. They also excel in collaboration technologies, providing tools for video conferencing, messaging, and team collaboration. With their broad range of specializations, Cisco is well-equipped to address the complex technological requirements of businesses across industries.