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Cofense is specializing in cybersecurity solutions. Cofense was founded in 2008. With a mission to stop phishing attacks in their tracks, Cofense offers a range of software and hardware solutions to protect organizations from cyber threats.

Cofense provides a comprehensive suite of software and hardware products designed to combat phishing attacks. Their software offerings include phishing simulation and training tools, which allow organizations to educate their employees about the dangers of phishing and how to identify and report suspicious emails. Additionally, Cofense offers incident response and threat intelligence solutions, enabling organizations to quickly detect and respond to phishing attacks, minimizing the potential damage.

As a leading IT vendor in the cybersecurity industry, Cofense specializes in various technology types to enhance their clients' security posture. They have expertise in email security, focusing on protecting organizations from phishing attacks delivered through email channels. Cofense also specializes in threat intelligence, leveraging advanced technologies to identify and analyze emerging threats, providing their clients with real-time insights to stay ahead of cybercriminals. Furthermore, they excel in incident response, offering tools and services to help organizations effectively manage and mitigate the impact of phishing attacks when they occur.

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