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Cyara specializes in providing innovative solutions for customer experience testing and monitoring. Cyara was founded in 2006. With a global presence, Cyara has established itself as a leading provider of software and hardware solutions for businesses across various industries.

Cyara offers a comprehensive suite of software and hardware products designed to enhance customer experience and ensure the smooth functioning of contact centers. Their software solutions include Cyara CX Assurance Platform, which enables businesses to test and monitor their customer experience across multiple channels such as voice, web, and mobile. Additionally, Cyara offers Cyara Pulse, a real-time monitoring tool that provides insights into customer interactions and identifies potential issues before they impact the customer experience. On the hardware front, Cyara provides Cyara Velocity, a purpose-built appliance that helps businesses simulate customer interactions and test their contact center infrastructure.

As a technology-focused company, Cyara specializes in various types of technologies that are crucial for delivering exceptional customer experiences. They have expertise in voice technologies, including interactive voice response (IVR) systems and voice recognition software. Cyara also specializes in web and mobile technologies, ensuring that businesses can provide seamless customer experiences across different digital platforms. Furthermore, they have a deep understanding of contact center technologies, including automatic call distribution (ACD) systems and computer telephony integration (CTI) solutions. With their specialization in these technologies, Cyara empowers businesses to optimize their customer experience strategies and drive customer satisfaction.

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