Dynatrace|Dynatrace AppMon (Legacy)

Dynatrace is a leader in application performance management (APM). As an APM provider, Dynatrace optimizes every digital moment by enabling their customers to proactively spot and solve application performance issues before users are impacted; speed new applications and enhancements to market with DevOps functionality; and pinpoint root-causes and optimize critical applications.

As they offer products such as the Dynatrace Application Monitoring, Dynatrace Load, Dynatrace User Experience Management, Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring, and Dynatrace Data Center RUM, Dynatrace services 7,500 customers and is named by Gartner as the number one in market share.

Dynatrace have offices in North America, EMEA, APAC, and Latin America. To know more about their company, the solutions and products they can provide your enterprise, visit their website.


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