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EDB specializes in providing cutting-edge software and hardware solutions. Founded in 2004, EDB has established itself as a trusted name in the industry, catering to the needs of businesses worldwide. EDB has a global presence, serving clients across various sectors.

EDB offers a wide range of software and hardware solutions to meet the diverse needs of its clients. Their flagship product is EDB Postgres, a powerful and reliable open-source database management system. EDB Postgres provides advanced features and tools that enable businesses to efficiently manage their data and drive innovation. Additionally, EDB offers EDB Ark, a platform that simplifies the deployment and management of Postgres databases in the cloud. Alongside these software solutions, EDB also provides hardware solutions such as servers, storage systems, and networking equipment, ensuring a comprehensive IT infrastructure for their clients.

As a specialized IT vendor, EDB focuses on various technology types to deliver exceptional solutions. They specialize in open-source technologies, particularly PostgreSQL, which is the foundation of their EDB Postgres software. EDB has extensive expertise in database management systems, offering solutions that enhance performance, scalability, and security. They also specialize in cloud computing, enabling businesses to leverage the benefits of cloud-based infrastructure and services. With their deep understanding of these technologies, EDB empowers organizations to optimize their IT operations and achieve their business objectives.

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