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Elastic specializes in providing software solutions for search, observability, and security. Elastic was founded in 2012. With a mission to make data usable in real-time and at scale, Elastic has become a leading provider of open-source software for search and analytics.

Elastic offers a range of software and hardware solutions designed to help organizations effectively manage and analyze their data. Their flagship product, Elasticsearch, is a distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine that allows users to explore and analyze large volumes of data in real-time. Kibana, another popular offering from Elastic, is an open-source data visualization platform that works seamlessly with Elasticsearch, enabling users to create interactive dashboards and reports. Additionally, Elastic offers Beats, a lightweight data shipper, and Logstash, a data processing pipeline, to help organizations collect, process, and ship their data to Elasticsearch.

As an IT vendor, Elastic specializes in various technology types to meet the diverse needs of its customers. They excel in search technology, providing powerful search capabilities that enable users to quickly and accurately retrieve relevant information from vast amounts of data. Elastic also specializes in observability technology, offering solutions that allow organizations to monitor and analyze the performance and health of their applications and infrastructure. Furthermore, Elastic has expertise in security technology, providing tools and features to help organizations detect and respond to security threats effectively.

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