FireEye Endpoint Security (HX)|Helix Security Platform

FireEye is a cybersecurity company with more than 2,200 customers across 60 countries.

They offer products that combat today's advanced persistent threats also known as APTs. Specifically, their security products include Adaptive Defense, Network Security, Email Security, Content Security, FireEye as a Service, Enterprise Forensics, Endpoint Forensics, Endpoint Security, Malware Analysis, Mobile Security, Threat Analytics Platform, Central Management, and Threat Intelligence.

They also have solutions for threat prevention platforms such as Network, Email, Endpoint, Mobile, Content, Analytics, and Forensics. In terms of threat intelligence, they have solutions such as Dynamic Threat Intelligence, Managed Defense, and the FireEye Labs.

FireEye also provides services and support such as Incident Response, Security Assessments, Consulting Services, and Technical Support.

They have offices around the US including their corporate headquarters in Milpitas, California. Other offices around the globe are in APAC/Japan and EMEA regions. To know more about FireEye, visit their website.


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